‘ORGASMAPHOBIA’ 1998 Album Review – Scottish Music Network


Found this review for ORGASMAPHOBIA via Scottish Music Network.
‘All in all, the album, although polished in production and still retaining that ‘sound’ that was and always will be Then Jerico, is as close to proper rock music as we have ever heard from this band, and fulfils the promise that was there in the 80’s and is now being realised in the 90’s.’ Read the fantastic full review here.51EFDkvextL._AC_SX355_

Remembering The 80s with Then Jerico – The Beat Magazine


Mark-Shaw-promo-copyA lot of music fans will look back at the 1980s decade with fondness. The birth of MTV and the breakthrough of some of the biggest names in pop today were riding the airwaves and our screens with catchy pop videos to boot and, who can forget Live Aid?

Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Queen are just three acts who were hardly ever off our screens and radio airwaves. One such group at the tail end of that era was Then Jerico. Recently we caught up with their lead singer Mark Shaw to ask him about what he remembers about the 1980s.

Read Ian Wolley’s ‘The Beat‘ Magazine article here.