REUNION TOUR Gallery (September 2012)

5 thoughts on “REUNION TOUR Gallery (September 2012)

  1. Had an absolutely fantastic time at the 02 in Glasgow, what a performance and was delighted to meet the band after the show. Well worth waiting for you Mark, like I said, I would have waited forever! I have some great pics taken with the guys and also during the gig. Just wonder if anyone knows how to upload them onto this website for approval as I am not on facebook/twitter. Thanks again. Judith xx

    • Hi Judith,

      Nice to find your message on this site.

      I had made several pledges for items on the Pledge Music
      site & also booked tickets for the Glasgow gig. Unfortunately,
      a cruel twist of fate whisked me away from home & as a result,
      completely missed the Glasgow Show. Just wondered if you
      would be kind enough to email the pics you took so I may at
      least see some of the magic of the night. Neville.

  2. So glad to have had the opportunity to ‘step back in time’ and follow a Then Jerico tour once more. From Newcastle to London and various stops in between I didn’t stop singing and bouncing like a maniac. I almost believed I was 20 again. It may be 20 something years on but the Big Area tour 2012 had no less energy than first time round. You guys rocked our socks off, and then some.

    As for the acoustic show – more please. In fact – more of everything thank you very much.

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