Both studio albums 1987’s ‘First – The Sound Of Music and, 1989’s ‘Big Area’ along with 2012’s ‘Jewels In Time: Rarities & Unreleased Tracks’ are currently available via the STORE
You can also now purchase the ACOUSTIC:LIVE 2012 cd/dvd after it’s initial pressing sold-out!  
Acoustic CD                                         

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4 thoughts on “STORE

  1. I took my wife to Edinburgh gig last night, I`m a big fan, my wife had only heard me play their cd`s – we both loved the gig. They are still brilliant as ever…Shaw can still rock! We love you Then Jericho, thanks for a great night.

  2. Then jerico at Manchester Academy 3 were as incredible as always. 25 years? It’s like they’ve never been away. All we need now is a new album@begging lol

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