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21617949_1675286895849641_3911096623815488196_nStereoboard Speak To Then Jerico’s Mark Shaw About Their Reunion Tour & Future Plans (Interview) (April 2012)

It appears to be all the rage at the moment for 80’s revivals, reunions, and comebacks. Some are justified, some maybe not so much. It’s easy to remember the cheesy pop of the 80’s, but give a thought to those hard working credible bands who entertained back in the day with their great songs, lyrics and musicianship. 2012 sees the 25th Anniversary of ‘First’, the debut album from 80’s rock band Then Jerico. To celebrate, the band’s original line up are back together for a reunion tour around the O2 Academy venues and a trip into the digital “noughties”.

Stereoboard caught up with lead singer Mark Shaw to talk about the work that’s going into the reunion tour. “I’m pretty knackered, I’ve been working ridiculous hours trying to pull this all together. I’m actually managing the band as well as everything else. I’m not cut out for management I don’t think *laughs*. I am busy, but good busy, there’s so much to do. The band are all spread out in various parts of the world so it means liaising with people at different times of the day and night. Our drummer’s in New Zealand and our guitarist is in Spain – and they don’t get up until about 3 in the afternoon anyway – so it’s a lot of effort. There’s a lot to organise for what was initially a small tour but has grown to something bigger.”

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  1. The Norwich gig last night was great. The boys were on form and although the audience was disappointingly a tad small, there was a great atmosphere. I remember thinking about 4/5ths of the way through, what have yet not played yet? And then came more fab songs. Mark went native in the audience for Reeling and he sang with me for a moment. Good times. A band showing a new lease of life, belting out the numbers. One of the most striking points for me today was reflecting on the gig, not only did I know every song played, I must have sung just about every line too. That says a lot about me (I have listened to these songs many times over the years), and also that it was a crowd pleasing, good times set list. Cheers boys, for a grand night out.

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