THEN JERICO @ FOREVER YOUNG (Ireland) 16.07.22

“I had an absolutely amazing day and evening at this superb festival aid of Animal Welfare I.E. I loved every minute and I want to say a HUGE thank you to the brilliant promoter and veterinary expert Dr Sharon Alston and all of her fantastic team and to all of the dedicated, hard working, professional technical crew, all the hospitality staff, security personnel, all the ground staff and also the Garda for making it so very special and my heartfelt gratitude to the massively talented Musical Director Richard Brook and all of the incredible musicians in the house band for their simply phenomenal performances!” Mark Shaw

294655382_591476282571819_1240272277173499821_n“After my 7pm main stage performance on Saturday 16th July at the fabulous Forever Young Festival in Kildare, Ireland, I was invited by the lovely singer Brian ‘Freddie Mercury’ from Qween – (an absolutely AMAZING Queen tribute act) to join them during their set on the ‘Great Pretenders Stage’ at 10.45pm to duet ‘Under Pressure’ with them. They are SO musically talented, such great guys and so much like the real band that I just had to say yes! I’m so glad I did. They were the last band of an incredible day and 15,000 of the 20,000 audience stayed to watch. It was great fun! Thanks so much Qween!” Mark Shaw

295292523_590253892694058_7170333811899786775_nThere are lots of EXTRAS including loads of SELFIES with Mark at FOREVER YOUNG available to view over on MARK SHAW THEN JERICO FACEBOOK including a BEHIND THE SCENES video of Mark with QWEEN and much, much more!

295663746_592745379111576_6121190940160329030_nMARK SHAW & QWEEN performing UNDER PRESSURE @ Forever Young 2022.

THE MOTIVE LIVE @ Forever Young Festival 2022


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