3 thoughts on “Connect With Us

  1. Hi, Ive got some lovely pics from the Glasgow concert that I would like to upload to you. Im not on facebook or twitter, can you please tell me if you have somewhere on the new site to do this. (sorry im not a social networker but you are tempting me to join) Had a fantastic time and I cant find words to describe how great it was to meet Mark outside, what a gorgeous man. The band are sounding awesome, Mark’s voice was better than ever. Thank you all so so much. Love Judith. xx

  2. Just home from the final Big Area Tour date – London – THANK YOU!!!
    Amazing, fantastic, just as good if not better than the first time round! So glad you did this, I had the best night! Got some brilliant pictures and video’s, plus the obligatory T-shirt! Can’t wait till next time!

  3. Hello are then jerico going to do any more dates and if so are any going to be in wales also where can I get the cd and the DVD from thanks Keith

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