Then Jerico: REPRISE – Famous Hits & Mysterious Mixes

We’re very pleased to announce that coinciding with our UK Reprise Tour, Mark Shaw has been hard at work together with the team at Rhino putting together a definitive career-spanning digital compilation of Then Jerico’s best and best-known hits, along with a few rarities and mixes, titled REPRISE – Famous Hits & Mysterious Mixes. To purchase the Deluxe version, choose either iTunes or Amazon.

To purchase the Standard version from iTunes, click here. To purchase the standard version from Amazon, click here.

Rarities and mixes include the US album version of ‘The Motive’ (never before released in the UK), the UK Extended mix of ‘Prairie Rose’ and US Extended mix of ‘Fault’, both of which have previously only been released on vinyl. The album will also be available in as a standard 19-track digital album.

Included are the band’s biggest hits; the #13 hit ‘Big Area’ and ‘The Motive’ peaking at #18, as well as the top 40 singles ‘Sugar Box’ and ‘What Does It Take,’ both from their Gold awarded top 5 album Big Area.

Here’s the album cover art – Deluxe on the left, Standard on the right. Scroll down to view the full track listing.


1. Big Area
2. Let Her Fall (U.S. Version)
3. Jungle
4. What Does It Take? (Extended)
5. Distant Homes
6. The Motive
7. Muscle Deep (Single Version)
8. Prairie Rose
9. The Happening
10. Fault
11. The Big Sweep
12. Helpless
13. Sugar Box
14. Clank
15. Electric
16. Searching
17. Darkest Hour
18. Reeling
19. You Ought To Know

The Deluxe edition includes:

20. Big Area (Lost Mix)
21. The Motive (U.S. Album Version)
22. A Quiet Place (Apathy & Sympathy)
23. Under Fire
24. The Motive (The Nightmare Mix)
25. Blessed Days (The Tokyo Mix)
26. One Life
27. Prairie Rose (U.K. Extended)
28. The Big Sweep (Dance Mix)
29. Fault (U.S. Extended)
30. Sugar Box Blue (Instrumental)

6 thoughts on “Then Jerico: REPRISE – Famous Hits & Mysterious Mixes

  1. Hi, I would like to know if the new album will be available on cd?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards

  2. Hi, it would be a REAL BLESSING if the Deluxe Album was available on CD for all us TJ enthisiasts out here – so good to have you guys back ! ! !

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